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[IP] Jim's Observation

Jim Said >>>>"As a general observation, we diabetics seem to be 
encouraged (for the most
part) to take charge of healthcare, and to consider ourselves to be 
of the healthcare team.  It is, after all, *OUR* disease, not the 
(with notable exceptions!).  Those who treat other diseases seem 
to have not
adopted this way of thinking, however, thinking that they know 
best, and
giving us the "if you aren't getting better by doing what I say then 
must be non-compliant" bulls**t."<<<<

Jim, I agree with your observation 150%!   I have found this to be 
the case for many years.   Perhaps because we HAVE TO pay 
attention to our bodies and the signals we give, and because we 
are ultimately responsible for caring for ourselves, the adults 
among us anyway, we are more educated and aware of our bodies 
and want to do what is the best for each of us.  I am always 
amazed when someone tells me they are taking a prescription the 
doctor gave them, but they don't know exactly what it does or what 
it is for.....my own dad is one of them.  He grew up in an age when 
Doctors were Gods....somewhere along the line they turned into 
humans for us.  Some good, some bad, some compassionate, 
some narcissistic,   Personally, I am so grateful for this disease for 
making me more aware of how important my health is.  When I 
think of my getting diabetes, when no one in my family had ever 
had it...and when I try to determine the reason, I think it is because 
I needed to pay attention to my food and my body.   I am so much 
healthier now, overall, than I ever was before.  My endo gets so 
excited over my blood lipids, Cholesterol, HDL, LDL, etc.  He says 
it could not be better, and my bg control is excellent and so on.   

Like I said earlier, remember we hire these people (in the USA 
only) to take care of us.  When we feel they aren't doing a good job 
of it, either educate them, or leave them.   I realize tho that this 
isn't possible in all cases.  

Very astute observation, Jim. 
Bonnie Richardson 
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