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Re: [IP] child lock

<< Okay... my turn.  I only considered the Minimed 508 because as the parent 
 > of
 > >  a young child I liked the child lock feature!  I didn't want to have to
 > >  treat accidental boluses like Michael told of Lilly's bolus curtesy of 
 > her
 > >  brother's toe!! >>

We left our child lock on exactly 11 hours.  That was how long it took for 
our first "British Ambulance" alarm to go off at 3:00 in the morning the 
first night of the pump start.  After our frantic MiniMed call we found we 
had inadvertently turned on the "go off if no one touches me in so many 
hours" feature.  No harm done  and the Minimed people were great, but 
fumbling around at three to undo the child lock before we could do anything 
was too much.  At 7 John seems to have enough self control to leave the pump 
alone.  As for other people, his uncle wanted to look at the pump and John 
first impressed upon him the importance of touching nothing!  I wonder how 
many others thought they had to have a feature they actually never use!

Mom of John, 7, diagnosed 3-20-00, pumping 3-30-01
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