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[IP] Depression

I was going to write you privately after your last message, but I 
figured there may be more people who might benefit.   

Yeah, I was brought up with the belief that I could just snap out of 
it.   My mother and father were both very STOIC.   And the feeling 
that any illness/disease/not feeling great, was a mental thing.  I 
have a degree in psychology and am on the board for our local 
Mental Health Association.   I have a daughter who has chronic 
depression and literally would be dead if I had not taken her to the 
emergency room for a diagnosis for Bi-Polar/Chronic Depression.   
Thank God for medications which she will be on for the rest of her 
life...but after five years, she is back in school and I believe she 
may just make it in the big world.   

My 88 year old father finally agreed to take the medication his 
doctor has been trying to get him on for 20 years.  The sun shines 
out of his eyes so much now!   

My daughter and best friend urged me to talk to the family doctor 
when THEY recognized some serious signs in me......I surely 
didn't!  (forest for the trees, etc .)   When I had to open my mouth 
and tell my doctor, I just burst into sobs - NOT Normal behavior for 
this 59 year old very tough lady!   It took about 2-3 weeks before I 
noticed a difference.  A great internal weight was lifted, somehow 
things were lighter, it was subtle, but it was there. 

I am still working on the fact that "old tapes" make me ashamed for 
not being strong enough to pick myself up by my bootstraps and 
"Snap out of it"!   Intellectually, I know it is a chemical malfunction 
in the brain circuits and I did not cause it and I can't fix it with will 
power.   But sometimes my intellect gets stomped out by my old 

Try the medication, soon, Darrin.  A therapist can only do so 
much.    After all, Better Living Through Chemistry!
Love ya!
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