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[IP] soapbox?

Renee said:
>  And lastly ( before I get THROWN off my soapbox by Sara SP) 

My dear, I would NEVER throw you off of anything.  I read every word you 
write even if the subject line does not pertain to me and my narrow world 
view.  I have about as much respect for you and your well written thoughts as 
I do for the almighty Yale Fisher, doctor of retinal magnificence.

AND on top of your well written epistles, you are also VERY good about NOT 
copying entire messages into your posts and you have a NICE, short to the 
point signature file....thank you for not asking me to yahoo too or point me 
towards some web site that I really do not care to visit

Now there are OTHERS on the list who I would happily knock off their soap 
boxes, but I would get yelled out by the admins, and you all KNOW how I hate 
to stir things up.

Sara SP
who has been on vacation far too long...
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