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[IP] Re: transplants & silhouette priming

1)my mom is a nurse and is very excited about taking me to get the islet 
transplants in to the kidneys which has been so successful in Canada.  
They're beginning to do this at five centers in New Jersey.  They have cells 
from the lab that they've created and from animals.  does anyone have any 
more information on this?  i am excited; i believe a day with steady sugars 
would make the whole thing worthwhile, but that's coming from a diabetic who 
can go from 45 to 478 in a day, even while on the pump...
2) do i have to prime with the silhouettes like i did with the bent needle 
cannula?  i find if i only prime .8 as suggested, sometimes the insulin is 
NOT making it through the tubing at all, but i don't know why.  i like doing 
a prime of 5.0 and just  watching to see that the insulin is moving through 
the tubing so i'm sure of it (when i see that big bubble, i know all is 
well...)  today i awoke at 400 because of this; the insulin was supposed to 
be at my basal rate of 1.0 but i had not received any into my body overnight. 
 it seems although i changed the set and did a prime of .8 after manually 
checking the insulin was going through, it wasn't going through after all.  
what could have gone wrong?
thanks, Janine
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