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Re: [IP] Eating

> David wrote:
> "I have made it a practice to always check my sugar two hours after
> a meal. That way if I am high I can quickly do a correction.  ..."
> Just a word of caution -- this is a real YMMV.  I got myself into a
> fair number of pretty bad lows by testing at 2 hours, correcting, 
> and having my correction interact with the leftover insulin's 2
> hours to go.  The CDE was pretty adamant that I shouldn't do
> corrections until at least 3 hours after a bolus or meal, and she
> thinks 4 hours will work better for me.

You can correct at two hours, but you must take into consideration 
the unused insulin remaining and the undigested carbs as well. The 
carb part is much trickier since the glycemic index of the 
combination of foods eaten is so important to the bg's that are 
immediately post prandial. It is doable, albiet with much caution.
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