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[IP] NLD and plastic surgeons

> I've had these spots called necrobiosis on both my legs for 4 or 5 years
> now.  The skin is bright red, flaking, very easily opened up, and has no
> feeling.  When it gets scratched and opens up it has at times become
> ulcers.  I went to see a doc at a wound care center who has treated these
> ulcerous parts before, and we talked about possibly seing a plastic
> to correct the NLD spots.  Something he called staged excising... they
> out a small  slice of the bad skin and sew the edges together and let it
> heal and complete this process until the whole wound has been brought
> together and heals.  I would just like to know if anyone has heard of
> or experienced it... if anyone has had experience with plastic surgery at
> all..and what your thoughts are on whether or not this would be a good
> idea.  As soon as I find a surgeon on my insurance plan I'm going to
> schedule a consultation visit.  I'd love to hear your thoughts.
> Julie
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