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[IP] ANeuropathy and a Baby-G (watch not piano)

I'm back with wierd subject headings again. More wierdness follows:

Saw the urologist today and have to have Urodynamic testing done next week to 
see how my bladder is. The RPA-C (girl who did my testing today) said it 
sounds like I might have irritable bladder and not necessarily Autonomic 
Neuropathy (Sounds like the advice I received on this list!) but it needs to 
be checked. Then it will take a month for the results. 

I'm not happy, so I may treat myself to a beautiful watch that caught my 
attention in this months INSTYLE magazine (the one with Halle Berry on the 
cover, who, on another note,  the article says is diabetic. I didn't know). 
Wouldn't you know the watch that caught my eye was a lovely light blue Baby G 
(p.74) that was mentioned on the list a while back. I need an alarm to remind 
me to test bg so I may just be able to justify buying one. I still have the 
WEB site from Ruth's post a while back.

Will let you all know the results of the Urodynamics (That IS what they call 
more than 1 or these urological tests and it DOES sound like something you'd 
see being sold on television. It is not.)

Thanks for the posts regarding AN and hope nobody is offended. 
Beth H.
Busy mom with MM508 pump
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