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Re: [IP] reusing not recommended

> My Q is, if one can put 300 units in one syringe for 5-6 days,
> what's the difference in putting 150 in 2 times? I often reuse my
> syringes.

The lubricant in the syringe gets washed away by the sliding action 
and the liquid. Filling once "full" does not remove as much lubricant 
as filling twice to 1/2. it is actually the last little remaining 
insulin at the bottom that is the hardest for the pump to remove 
since the syringe has an ever-so-slight taper and the plunger gets 
tighter toward the bottom. On the second (or subsequent) pass at the 
bottom, the plunger has a much harder time since more of the 
lubricant has been removed by the previous use. 
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