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Re: [IP] Re:Short term goal - get a pump

> YES!!!!  From the very beginning of his dx at age 9, Cory has been
> giving himself injections with me standing in the background
> observing.  The CDE (our former one) really scolded me on that one. 
>>  At
> the present time he insists on doing his own and I don't blame him. 

Similiar at our house. Lily was dx'd at 11 ( a bit older than Cory) 
and has always done her own injections and site changes. Any attempt 
to assist or interfere in any way is met with great hostility. Trying 
to help give a shot or insert a set would probably result in a broken 
arm or black eye at our house -- I definetly would not try it. Only 
once when she was very low and could not function did she allow me to 
give her a finger poke.

Michael ( a dad who tippy-toes around his daughter )
email @ redacted
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