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[IP] Re: Reply from Dr. Ponder

Steven W. Ponder, MD, CDE wrote:

>>We now use loaners to allow the child to "try before they buy". I feel
endos should offer this. Several of my patients tried one of our loaners
(loaded with either saline or with insulin) and chose to hold off. That
begs an interesting question of how many would stay on their pump if
they had the option to return it after a trial period. Clearly, some
would (and do). However, the door to CSII will always remain open to them.<<

I agree with this completely.  I think that everyone should have a trial
period wearing a pump before deciding to get one.  I had that option and it
gave me time to think long and hard on whether I could handle pumping or not
and I was grateful for the chance to make an informed decision.  When I
first asked my endo about pumping he told me of the many patients that try
pumping and then end up with their pumps sitting in dresser drawers after
they get them and try them.  Perhaps more trials would insure that people
could make the best choice.  While I LOVE Max and wouldn't give him up for
anything (except maybe a cure, then I still think I might miss him), not
everyone is ready to handle the responsibility of pumping.  And, while I'm
48 years old and for me the decision was fairly easy to make, I'm not sure
how I would have felt if I was offered this choice at 15 or 16.

I think that this pet analogy got a little blown out of proportion too.  I
heard comments that some individuals would not purchase the Pumping Insulin
book due to this paragraph being in it.  I for one, would not boycott a
wonderful and helpful book because of one paragraph in it that I didn't
agree with.  If that were the case, then I would also have to boycott this
list since there are sometimes many comments here that I don't agree with.
That's just plain foolish in my opinion.  Just my 2 cents worth.

RoseLea and Max...

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