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[IP] Re-using

SNIP>>>>My Q is, if one can put 300 units in one syringe for 5-6 days,
what's the
difference in putting 150 in 2 times? I often reuse my syringes.  <<<<<

This is my personal experience, not a recommendation for anyone:  I always
fill mine with 300 to save "work" on the reservior.  When changing out my
set, I pull on the reservoir to suck all the insulin back into the
reservoir.  If I have used the reservoir 2 times, I use a new one.
Sometimes I only use one once.  On a couple of occasions when I have used it
twice, I have had  delivery problems because the reservoir has "gone bad".
By that I mean, reusing may damage the lubricant/the double black "O" rings
at the end of the reservoir, causing a problem of insulin delivery.  Now,
this has only happened a couple of time.  But, it happens.  That is probably
why MM says only use once.  The remaining insulin in the tubing is never
wasted, because either I suck it back into the reservoir, or I put it back
in my current insulin bottle and use again.  I have never had a problem with
this, not in nearly 5 years of pumping.  Allways remember your mileage may
vary.   Incidentally, my last few new reservoirs have seemed a much "looser"
fit than previous ones, i.e., they pull back to rotate before use VERY
easily with none of the slight resistance the last batch had.  Anyone else
notice this? 


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