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Re: [IP] Getting on the pump

Carl asked:

>>Know how to compute the
basal rates and Justin is already counting carbs to determine his
bolus rate of Humalog.  Would like to hear any experiences from
anyone that would like to share them, good or bad.  Thank you somuch.<<

I've been on the pump for a little over a month, so I have real clear
recollections of my first couple weeks off shots.  First, it took me 3 - 4
days to get the NPH out of my system and get more stabilized on the pump.
Those first few days were horrendous with highs and lows no one could guess.
That said, the CDE I worked with used the formulas to gauge the basal and
bolus rates I should use, none of which actually worked for me.  I ended up
with a much lower basal rate than the formulas suggested and my morning
bolus rate had to be doubled while lunch and dinner seemed to work out ok.
I just want you to know to be prepared that Justin's basals and boluses may
not work out like the formulas and that the first month or more can be
mostly trial and error.  I also think, from my experiences, that the body
can change those first few months just from finally getting more
"normalized" blood sugars and basals can change again when you finally think
you've got them right.

RoseLea and Max... 6 weeks of pumping under our belts...

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