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[IP] piddle on the carpet pump doc

> Yes.  It totally bewilders me how some physicians think they know
> all.  They simply don't. (some are wonderful - don't get me wrong)
> The pump is nothing like a dog on a leash!!!  These folks need to
> get a clue.  It bugs me that they speak for the pumping community
> and they don't even have a pump!  We can add Dr. Stephen W. Ponder
> (maybe he ponders too much?) to our poo poo endo list.

I think what annoys most of us, me included is that no one listens to us
even those that are supposed to listen best. The standard answer to me is
always: You're a doctor you know, this is diabetes. Yes, I know it probably
is, but at least take out a couple minutes and listen to it, I promise not
to take more than another 0.5 minute of your time. I got a couple others to
add to the poo poo endo list and even several to add to the poo poo
cardiologist list  and a long list to add to the too many tests list. There
is a tremendous lack of sensitivity among doctors today that is really
scary. Knowledge of the humanities used to be required for admission to
medical school, my contact with today's students indicates no knowledge of
anything outside of required subjects. I have a long list to put on the poop
poop list.

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