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[IP] Rover, go fetch me a snack with 4.3 units of Humalog

In the newly released third edition of Pumping Insulin you are quoted

on page 183: "Think about the pump like your family  dog 
on a leash.  Imagine bringing your dog on the leash along as you take a bath, 
eat out at restaurants, or when you play your championship soccer game.  
Imagine sleeping with your dog on a leash in your bed!  Imagine taking the 
leashed dog to school, being around your friends, and taking him on a date 
with you.  If you think you can do this for three days, you probably have an 
idea what it would be like to have an insulin pump connected to your body 24 
hours a day, 7 days a week!"

I don't know when (or even if) you really wrote this but having worn a pump 
for over 20 years (yes, I started with the old AutoSyringe 6 which one had to 
dilute the insulin to acheive their basal rate) and I've NEVER had a pump do 
any of the standard doggie things to me.  Maybe the backpack pumps from 25 
years ago could be compared to dragging the fridge with you everywhere but 
certainly not the relatively tiny pumps we have today (expecially with the 
ability to wear it completely hidden and take injections via the remote).

While my pump in the past has rolled over and played dead (more than once with 
the anceint AutoSyringes but by the Eugly they seemed to have the battery 
eating ability of their pumps worked out) they NEVER ate my front door, barked 
at the neighborhood kids or bit a mailman.

Not to mention my lawn was never 'watered' or 'fertalized' by the pump (nor 
have any of my neighbors angrily asked me to pick up after it).  And while 
having it connected to me on the catheter tubing I have never been dragged 
down the block after something the pump is interested in.

PLEASE do something about this quote. I refuse to buy this book (which I had 
been seriously thinking about) because of this and some other anti-pump 
commentary which it contains.  While I appreciate that your quote may have 
been taken out of context (or may never have been said) you should realize 
that the it has caused quite a number of negative comments on the Insulin 
Pumpers site (which I notice you are a medical board member of and where I got 
your e-mail address from).

I ask you to please please post an explanation or otherwise to the site (are 
you getting the digest?) so that we can understand how someone who wears the 
pump could possilby compare it to Rover or Fido.

Thank you very much

Yerachmiel Altman

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