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[IP] Exp. Pumpers losing site of beginnings

I totally agree with you with your comments about what Dr. Andy wrote.  I too 
am a "long time pumper".  In January 2001 I will pass my 17th anniversary of 

I am not sure that "new" pumpers always appreciate the efforts that you and I 
(and other old pumpers) did for them.  I am sure that a lot of the problems 
we experienced helped pump technology evolve into what it is today.  I kept 
pumping even though I have always experienced horrendous tape allergies.  In 
June of 1999 I had my first "pump training" done by an RN, CDE rather than 
the salesman for the pump company.  It was done in the doctors office instead 
of my living room.  After almost 16 years I found out about both using IV 
Prep to prevent the water blisters and about priming the .8 units to fill the 
catheter after the introducer needle was withdrawn. 

Odd too, I have learned Carb counting rather than the old ADA exchange system 
this year.  I guess after 30 years of using one way of calculating food 
values, it is possible to teach an "old dog" new tricks.  I would not go back 
to the exchange system for anything.  In this respect I lucked out and found 
an RD that worked with me with the transition.  She started me with thinking 
one bread or fruit exchange was 15 carbs (Just an estimate to get me started) 
and therefore take one unit of insulin.  Very soon I was really documenting 
the real carbohydrate grams and within three months I wasn't even thinking 
about exchanges.  I also have now fine tuned my doses and take 10 gr. carb 
per unit for breakfast and 12 gr. carb per unit for all other meals and 

Carole H.
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