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Re: vv [IP] Do you really want to live forever?

Sara, life expectancy keeps rising.  And every effort of the
medical/scientific community is directed toward eliminating disease, and
thereby extending life even further.  If it were possibl e  to cure
diabetes or cancer, who could deny anyone that opportunity?  Alzheimer's?
Arthritis associated with old age?  There is no question that in the
foreseeable future, mankind will have the capability  to essentially
eliminate illness, especially illness associated with aging.  Yes I might
not want to live foever with th body of an arthritic 80 year old, but if I
could have held onto  that 30 yo body, I think that might be different.  It
surely will challeng many religious issues, since most religions are very
into dying  and why bad things happen to good people.  But I agree that it
is a bit off topic for this list.  But my original point was that we or our
children can look forward to a time when diabetes will be curable.   How to
do it is not the issue anymore--it is only one of implementation.  Not a
trivial issue, but one that will surely be solved some time in the next 10
- 50 years.

<<<<<<<<I don't know if I'm the only one who thinks this way,
but I don't think I'd take that opporotunity.  The Lord
gave me however many years on this Earth that he chose
to, and I rather think it's the quality of those years
that makes it worth the living than the quantity of
them.  It's suddenly occouring to me that I'm becomming
preachy, so I'm going to leave it at that.
- -Sara G.>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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