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[IP] Good hospital stories

Corey's mom wrote that we're scaring her to death with hospital-and-pump
stories.  Our hospital just had  a 10 year old pumper in for a non-diabetes
related problem.  One of the nurses on the peds unit just got her pump.  All
the nurses wanted to see the pump, and were quite fascinated by all that it
would do.  The Disetronic rep gave an inservice on pumps just a month or so
ago, so the nurses had at least heard of it.  The child's sugar was stable
through her surgery, and her post-operative week.  Only problem was actually
that her basal needs dropped a little at night, and the nurses recognized
the need for a basal rate change.  Now, it definitely helps that my husband
and I both stomp around the hospital advocating for the pump (for obvious
reasons!).  But, I guess we really ought to counterbalance some of the
horror stories with the success stories.  Plus, the success stories may help
folks know how to help their hospital change.

Nancy Morgan

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