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RE: [IP]Jim- "hiding" cures et al. [discussing religion on this site]

<part of original post from Ginny>
If my memory serves me right religion cannot be discussed here but I do
wish there was a place where we can discuss this issue because for me
faith is very important.  I do agree with you here but this is a
diabetes list. Many people are uncomfortable when religion is brought up
but I can see a place for it. Afterall we are whole people (well that is
my belief anyway) :)What do you think? I know we aren't the only ones

<response from Laura>
<I am not an expert on the "rules" of how this works, but maybe a
special chat could be set up for discussion on this type of topic? Then
people who want to partipate can, and people that don't want to see this
sort of discussion wouldn't have to.

For me the key would be whether there is lots of preaching going on
(inappropriate) or simply an occasional reference and post (in my
thinking, very appropriate). My guess is that faith is very important to
many of us (disclaimer: I've taught in a Bible seminary for 23 years!!).
I think those whose bodies are weak (and many of whom have had
close-to-death experiences) think about their own mortality (and thus
what lies beyond the physical body) more than, for example, my 20-year
old son who thinks he's indestructible!

I would think any extended discussions should be done privately (just as
in extended discussions on other topics that are somewhat related to
diabetes, but not the main purpose of the list).



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