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RE: [IP] site changes

<part of original post>
<If he changes tubing each time, he will waste 20u of insulin in each
tube, and not have enough insulin to quite make it the
nine days, resulting in a cartridge change without a matching cannula or
tubing change, which is of course totally unacceptable to a pair of type
A, oldest siblings like us :-0

Hi Laura,

Since I'm a "type A" also, I don't quite get what you're saying. In my
mind, I have disconnected 1) the time when I change the site from 2) the
time when I change the reservoir (and tubing). Of course, I started out
changing everything at the same time (at 3 day intervals), but hated to
waste all the supplies. So I fill the reservoir with the max amount of
insulin (300 units) and just change it (and the tubing) when it runs
out. Every night before I go to bed I check the amount of insulin I have
left, just so I can remember when to change the insulin and reservoir!
It is around 9 days or so. The site changes are around 4 or 5 days, but
for me it's easier (and faster) just to do the site changes at one time
and the reservoir/tubing at another.

I really think that the pump companies prefer you to change everything
in 3 days because they get more money for supplies (and that's why the
tubing is packaged with the cannulas as well!). They want you to buy 1
reservoir, 1 cannula, and 1 tubing set every 3 days. Of course I can
understand the medical reasons behind changing sites after 3 days (but
honestly, since switching to the sils, they easily last for 5 days for
me!), but can anyone give me a good MEDICAL reason why not to fill the
reservoir to the max each time (300 units) and change it when it runs
out? The insulin surely will last for that period unrefrigerated...and I
can't think of a single reason why that isn't the preferred (and taught)

Am I a more flexible Type A ?!!  Or just a frugal one?

Take care.


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