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[IP] Re:Short term goal - get a pump

In a message dated 6/30/00 12:31:42 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

 Hmmm.... I wonder if these endos thinks there is a level of maturity 
 required to give oneself injections.
 email @ redacted
 -  >>

YES!!!!  From the very beginning of his dx at age 9, Cory has been giving 
himself injections with me standing in the background observing.  The CDE 
(our former one) really scolded me on that one.  She said that was too much 
responsibility and that he would burn out by the time he was a teen and 
refuse to do them.  Well, I reminded her that teens tend to get difficult no 
matter what happens earlier in life and if that happens we would deal with it 
at that time.  At the present time he insists on doing his own and I don't 
blame him.  For those wishing to do their own injections or site changes with 
the pump, I think it gives them a little control over the disease and no one 
has a right to take that control away as long as they are doing it correctly.
NOW ANOTHER POINT HERE:  You guys are scaring me to death with those hospital 
stories!  But at least I now know what I need to do if Cory is ever admitted!
It's great to come here and gain knowledge!

Grand-mom to Cory
age 10 ~ dx'd 12/28/98
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