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>Hi, my name's Alecia and I'm new to the pump web
>group.  I am responding to your recent posting.  I
>have been diabetic for 21 yrs (since I was 6 yrs. old)
>and have recently decided for various reasons to go
>onto the pump.  I have been on a "loaner" pump since
>Monday through my diabetes center.  My problem is that
>I too have Aetna USHealthcare and just received early
>notice (via mimimed) that I am on the "list" to be
>denied coverage since in their view I am in "too good"
>of control!  I am extremely frustrated and had to
>submit more info regarding my daily blood levels to
>hopefully avoid this denial of coverage.  If you don't
>mind me asking, what were your HbA1c's before the pump
>and did you have any problems with USHealthcare.  I
>can't thank you enough for any info you could give me.
>  This has been quite a week...starting the pump (not a
>terribly smooth transition) and then hearing it might
>be denied by Aetna.
>Thanks a lot! -Alecia
My Hba1c was at 8.0 when Minimed applied to Aetna USHealthcare for my pump.  
I was denied because they did not think my blood sugars were in bad range 
since my HBA1C was in th 8.0 range.  Minimed had me send them 3 months of 
blood glucose logs which consists readings in the range from 30 to 500.  
They also had my endo sign a letter stating that I was in Bad control since 
my readings were in that range and that th HBA1C is an average.  They then 
allowed for the pump. __________________________________________________
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