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[IP] Ductal cell magic a reasonable cure for IDDM

The pancreatic duct cells can be coaxed to differentiate into islet cells.
The pancreas can be made to produce a pancreatitis associated protein. When
this is given to experimental animals that have IDDM the duct cells
defferentiate into islet cells and the diabetes improves. No
immunosuppression is needed since the cells are those of the experimental
animal not a foreign host or cadaver transplant. I don't know how many years
this is away but it is very promising research. The key is how to produce
the protein in humans without producing pancreatitis. It appears to be
doable and might provide a solution for those of us unable to make any
insulin. I expect that some kind of viral vector might be able to induce the
pancreas to produce the protein just as bacteria can produce insulin.

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