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Re: [IP] People die in hospitals

My horror story about hospitals and pumps is about a very dear friend who had double aneurysms, one of which was caught in surgery. The other one blew before the second surgery could be performed and by some miracle wasn't fatal. It did however cause a coma.

Dale, who had an implanted pump, went to a local rehab unit after he was able to get back home. The nurses in the unit said they didn't know anything about insulin pumps, didn't want to know anything about insulin pumps, and refused to use it. So Dale went back on shots while in rehab. Of course his control went out the window.

At the time, he was too out of it to know what was happening. His wife was much more concerned about his living and recovering, and decided that it was a battle she couldn't win, so the nurses got away with it. Dale's rehab doc took the same approach -- called it "picking your battles."

As soon as Dale was home he began using his pump again. Says he'll never go to that rehab unit again, even if it means dying.

The really sad bit in this whole story is that Dale had known about those aneuryms for years and refused to have the surgery to correct them. Said diabetes would kill him young, so why bother. 


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