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RE: [IP] site changes

>Why waste good tubing, sets, insulin, when you don't have too.
>(Who wasn't feeling particularly frugal until she reread her message)

Well, we don't have extra tubing because we are frugal, we have it
primarily because of math :)
Shane changes sites and cannulas about every 3 days. A full cartridge
lasts him almost exactly 9 days. So if he uses the same tubing for three
cannulas, he can conveniently change the tubing and the cannula at the
same time he changes the cartridge, and only has to prime a length of
tubing one time. If he changes tubing each time, he will waste 20u of
insulin in each tube, and not have enough insulin to quite make it the
nine days, resulting in a cartridge change without a matching cannula or
tubing change, which is of course totally unacceptable to a pair of type
A, oldest siblings like us :-0
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