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Re: [IP] Coverage for pump education classes-what does it cost?

I have a Disetronic pump and I got my training from a D trainer.  She also
happens to be a patient of my CDE.  I just called her up and she came over
one afternoon and we went through the whole sha-bang.  She left me with her
home phone number to call her at anytime if I had any problems and also
reassured me that Disetronic's 800# was always there to help also.

So all I paid for start up was the $655.00 copay for the pump and about
$90.00 for the initial 3 month supply of supplies.  Even then I didn't pay
the copay because my Father offered to pay it for me.  He was the one to
push me to get the pump. (He saw Nicole Johnson in an interview)


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