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Transplant was; [IP] Die thread die!

I personally do not consider taking anti-rejection drugs for the rest of my
life an acceptable "cure"...


With the new drugs that are out I would think that it definitely beats
having to test and lug all the stuff around that we do and all the other
stuff that fills our brains daily about diabetes.  We could then become one
of those "uneducated" people that we blast so much.

My application to the research team doing the Islet transplant study with
the NIH was sent yesterday I should find out in Five business days as to
whether they accept me or not.  The thought of a transplant scares me to
death because after 12.5 years of the big D I can't remember what it was
like to not have it.  It is a part of what makes me, ME.  But on the other
hand it's a very exciting thought.  I had trouble breaking the habit of
having to take shots after I got the pump can you imagine the habits I would
have to break with a transplant???  It's hard for me to imagine.  I do have
my worries about the drugs but I think approaching all things with a
positive attitude will help.

Sheila Morris

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