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Re: [IP] Insurance Ed Classes

Don't know from experience about anyone except MiniMed -- they produce and send an excellent video about the actual mechanics of the pump, how to insert the sets, etc. They also discuss how to set normal, dual and square wave boluses and basals. There is NO information on how to calculate any of these settings. And there's a world of difference between setting and calculating basals.

IF you're comfortable with figuring out what your basals might be -- converting from your current MDI -- and IF you're prepared to test, test, test -- and IF you're also comfortable with riding the mother of all rollercoasters while you adjust and test till you do get it right -- then maybe you could jump the gun. 

That's an awful lot of IFs for most people, especially since it's your life that you're taking into your own hands.

You really can figure out the mechanics from the video or manual. It's calculating the basals that are the critical part of pumping.


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