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[IP] Pumping Insulin w/ rover

To Yerachmiel who wrote: 
	SNIP>>>From: Yerachmiel Altman <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] I just bought my pump a bone and am now calling it Rover
> I don't have the book so I can't really do a great search but
> send me the doctors names who wrote it
> send me the universities or whatever they are associated with
> send me their address (or at least city, state they live in)
> I'll do the searching and find out how to find them.
> Also: get me the publisher of the book. I guarantee that if we write the 
> publisher they will forward the letter to author of book. Publishers do
> NOT 
> like nasty things written about their books, expecially one like this
> which is 
> supposed to be accurate and medical!
> Please get back to me as soon as you can and I'll do the looking up.
	YOU GO, YERACHMIEL!  And please share your letters.  I so love your
postings. Specially when you have got your dander up!

	and to Nancy and Renee:
>  >>>>>>
> Original Message From "John Bowen and Nancy Morgan" <email @ redacted> 
> >Hi Yerachmiel,
> >I had the same reaction to the analogy, thought the whole chapter on kids
> >and pumps was the weakest in the book, and thought about writing.
> There's
> >no e-mail address in the book, but I'd fire off my thoughts if you had
> the
> >appropriate address.>Nancy Morgan
> From: email @ redacted
> Subject: Re: [IP] I just bought my pump a bone and am now calling it Rover
> Before this goes too far, Ellen (camelsRFun) already wrote to them,
> received 
> a not-so-nice reply & has already drafted HER reply to their reply!!! Stay
> tuned...arf arf...
> Regards, Renee <<<<<<<<SNIP
	Hope you will share your writings.  I love good letters.  I have an
old version of Pumping Insulin and it is like my bible.  I love the book.
However, when a portion is as badly misleading as this one appears to be,
the people for whom the book is written, certainly need to set the record
straight.  So, go for it. 
	Bonnie Richardson

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