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[IP] Pondering one of life's great mysteries: the length of refiller neeles

The other day, while struggling to keep the tip of the refiller needle from
poking above the insulin level and into the air in the inverted and
less-than-half-full bottle of insulin from which I was trying to refill a
cartridge (aka reservoir, to MM users) , I suddenly wondered why that needle
is so long.
   Why is it? I'm refilling a Disetronic cartridge, but the photo of
MiniMed's reservoir and refiller needle appear to have about the same
   So why? Why don't they just make the refiller needles shorter so that one
could push it all the way into the vial and not be above the insulin line
except for the very dregs of the vial??
    Is there a reason beyond creating a need for refiller tools?

Is a puzzlement.


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