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[IP] wasted tubing.

	Dawn asked>>>>>From: email @ redacted (Dawn Foss)
> Subject: RE: [IP] Selling Cannulas Separately
> Could someone please explain the "wasted tubing"?  I'm a newbie, only been
> pumping for five weeks, but I have been using all the supplies in the
> packet (mini-med soft-serter QR).Thanks, Dawn<<<<<<
	I use Silhouettes and the tubing is wasted when you have a site that
quits absorbing well and causes "unexplained" highs.  This happens to me and
I end up tearing open the package with the tubing and only using the
cannula.   For some reason I always throw the unused tubing in a drawer
below my stash of supplies.  Sometimes something will happen after a day or
so and I have to change my site, but my resorvoir and tubing are still
semi-fresh.  Again, I tear into the package to remove the cannula and toss
the tubing.   I cannot remember, ever, in nearly 5 years of pumping of
having to use extra tubing for any reason.  Damn stuff is super strong. 

	Now, I have used it to tie up tomato plants, make a thing for my
jasmine to grow up on, made a motel close-line on one or two occasions.   If
you come up with any good uses, pass them on.    

	But mostly, I want to send it to MM to make a statement for selling
cannulas separately .   Hate paying for something I never use. 
	More info than you needed, for sure.  
	Bonnie Richardson

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