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Subject: Re: [IP] I just bought my pump a bone and am now calling it Rover

The irony is, that Dr. Ponder IS a Type 1 diabetic and  DOES have a pump.
And, has for years, according to his bio when he joined the website. My
biggest complaint about that chapter is that it's full of anecdotes and
philosophy, and very little of the how-to facts that make the rest of the
book such a great thing to have.  The author could have used her space to
talk about different insertion techniques for kids, or give basal rate
estimates based on little body weights (just as the other authors do in the
chapters on basal rates for big people).  Or about how to handle kid's
sports, or teachers, or PE class.  But, instead, we have this quote, and 3
case "studies" of kids who went on the pump.  But, a previous comment was
right on, that it's a great book, and doesn't deserve to be trashed based on
a weak chapter about kids.

Ellen, what did they say to you in response to your letter about the kid

Nancy Morgan

Sanata writes:
Yes.  It totally bewilders me how some physicians think they know all.
...It bugs me that they speak
for the pumping community and they don't even have a pump!  We can add Dr.
W. Ponder (maybe he ponders too much?) to our poo poo endo list.  Luckily my
is diabetic and had his pump for years.

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