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[IP] Pumps vs MDI

>===== Original Message From "Dr. Joe, The Diabetes Doctor" 
<email @ redacted> =====
Endocrine Practice, the Journal of the American Association
of Clinical Endocrinologists, May/June, page 239-243,
has a definitive article about insulin pumps. Let me quote
some special points.

 From insulin dosing:
"The total daily dose of insulin decreased by 18%"

 From conclusions:
"Improved glycemic control was associated with a shift in
insulin therapy from a high percentage of
intermediate-acting insulin to a greater percentage of insulin
administered in a meal-associated bolus form."
"Future studies evaluating the benefits of decreased total
insulin and an increased bolus/basal insulin ratio may be
important in helping to understand how to avoid long-term
complications of diabetes."

Weight - no change in one year.
HbA1c - drop from 8.36 at start to 7.67 after a year.
No severe hypoglycemia.
No site infections needing an antibiotic.
No hospitalizations.

No discussion about quality of life, but from our data, it's

Dr. Joe, the Diabetes Doctor

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