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Re: [IP] I just bought my pump a bone and am now calling it Rover

Maybe all docs who prescribe the pump ought to go around wearing one with
saline and do what we all need to do before they come up with these strange
That would be a good teaching tool for the medical people :)
Ginny, Beamer (service dog) and Blue (pump) I try to name things all doggy
names LOL

At 11:02 AM 06/29/2000 -0600, you wrote:
>Yes.  It totally bewilders me how some physicians think they know all.  They
>simply don't. (some are wonderful - don't get me wrong)  The pump is
nothing like
>a dog on a leash!!!  These folks need to get a clue.  It bugs me that they
>for the pumping community and they don't even have a pump!  We can add Dr.
>W. Ponder (maybe he ponders too much?) to our poo poo endo list.  Luckily
my doc
>is diabetic and had his pump for years.  I feel bad for those patients who
have to

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