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Re: [IP] People die in hospitals

The hospital that I would be going to in an emergency or for a stay knows
nada about pumps. They are afraid of them. So my hubby and I have a plan
which we have given to my doctor should I have to have a hospital stay. My
doc is trying to get an inservice about pumps but the reception isn't so
good from the nursing staff but the MDs are interested. The EMTs already
know what to do if they come here. I went and had a class with them myself.
They played with my pump- held it, played with it and  asked questions etc.
Now to get to the hospital staff. The ER docs said it takes too much
intelligence to have one and most people living around here don't have that
(what a slam) but I disagree.
So my MM rep will be coming up meeting with a group of docs and hopefully
others to educate them so some hospitals don't have a clue. BTW this is in
north GA. I would live closer in so my hubby wouldn't have a 2 hour one way
trip to work but I cannot handle the air quality in Atlanta. I have severe
asthma. So we had to move out of the burbs and move here in a land of
beauty, superstition and a place where time stands still :)
email @ redacted

At 10:45 AM 06/29/2000 -0600, you wrote:
>I'm sure some hospitals out there are great w/pumps and diabetes in
>general.  That's a relief for pumpers w/that advantage.  Still, there are a
>lot of hospitals out there that are from educated in pumps and can
>physically damage someone b/c of it.  We always need to stay cautious (not
>paranoid!) in order to guarantee our health.

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