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Re: [IP] "hiding" cures et al.

A cure would be to fix our beta cells.  or inject some immunologically
naive stem cells that become beta cells.   That is surely on the horizon,
and once we figure out how to do that, everyone will know about it.  Not
possible to hide such a breakthrough.
And I wouldn't even be too sure of your statement that we humans don't live
forever. It is quite probable that our grandchildren ( maybe even our young
children) will actually have the option of living forever.  Our life span
is programmed in our genome, so once we have a bettr understanding of what
all that DNA is doing, it willbe possible to stop the normal aging process.

<<<<<<<I don't think anyone is hiding a cure..just that the companies out there
have more to gain without a cure. But I guess with the way things are today
anything is possible.
I would love a cure but who would pay for it and at what cost would it be?
I think it would be very expensive and most insurances would consider it
experiemental at first just like they do with many things. In the meantime
we have the tools we have and need to concentrate on keeping us as healthy
as ever..
As far a cures..well we could be cured of diabetes but the fact of life is
we all come to the point of dying from something- we humans don't live

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