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[IP] Device for detecting foot ulcers released!

New device for diabetes patients New York, June 29 – Approximately
16 million Americans have diabetes and almost half of them may
not even know they have it. In an attempt to improve the lives
of these sufferers, scientists at the Colorado School of Mines
said they’ve developed a warning device for people with diabetes.
It’s designed to prevent their feet from developing ulcers that
can eventually lead to amputation.

In fact, half of all amputations in the U.S. are performed on
diabetics. Scientists have observed that if a foot is being damaged
in any way, it naturally heats up, but the patient can’t really
feel it and they won’t know there’s a problem until it’s too
This new device measures pressure and temperature on the foot
and transmits the information to a computer. In the future, patients
will have a portable system that will sound an alarm if something’s
wrong and although it will never prevent diabetes itself, the
project’s leader is convinced it will have a huge impact. 
“Our goal is that with this device hopefully we’ll be able to
at least reduce and ultimately eliminate amputation,” said Professor
Rahmat Shoureshi of the Colorado School of Mines.

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