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Re: [IP] I just bought my pump a bone and am now calling it Rover

Yes.  It totally bewilders me how some physicians think they know all.  They
simply don't. (some are wonderful - don't get me wrong)  The pump is nothing like
a dog on a leash!!!  These folks need to get a clue.  It bugs me that they speak
for the pumping community and they don't even have a pump!  We can add Dr. Stephen
W. Ponder (maybe he ponders too much?) to our poo poo endo list.  Luckily my doc
is diabetic and had his pump for years.  I feel bad for those patients who have to
deal w/ poo poo endos and people like Dr. Ponder.  Ponder Shmonder I tell you.
UGH!!!  Perhaps he's one of those types who can't have anything out of place.  You
know the type: the ones who would freak out knowing they were carrying an insulin
pump in front of people.  Yes, patients need to be told that an insulin pump goes
everywhere you do but it's not one bit analogous to a dog on a leash!

Yerachmiel Altman wrote

> >the inclusion of "Dr. Stephen W. Ponder's anaology" on page 183: "Think about
> >the pump like your family dog on a leash. Imagine bringing your dog on the
> >leash along as you take a bath, eat out at restaurants, or when you play your
> >championship soccer game. Imagine sleeping with your dog on a leash in your
> >bed! Imagine taking the leashed dog to school, being around your friends, and
> >taking him on a date with you. If you think you can do this for three days,
> >you probably have an idea what it would be like to have an insulin pump
> >connected to your body 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!"
> Here, here.  Is anyone else alive who got this book and feels these comments
> are out of place??

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