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Re: [IP] "hiding" cures et al.

I don't think anyone is hiding a cure..just that the companies out there
have more to gain without a cure. But I guess with the way things are today
anything is possible.
I would love a cure but who would pay for it and at what cost would it be?
I think it would be very expensive and most insurances would consider it
experiemental at first just like they do with many things. In the meantime
we have the tools we have and need to concentrate on keeping us as healthy
as ever..
As far a cures..well we could be cured of diabetes but the fact of life is
we all come to the point of dying from something- we humans don't live
forever and with all I deal with I would rather see cures for Parkinsons
and Lupus and siezures and RA. At least my pain and tiredness would go away
with a cure for lupus and RA. I also have neurological disease that has to
do with the myelin sheath and would love to see them regrow the myelin
sheath faster then it is being destroyed. 
Right now we can do the best we can to use the tools we have and keep hoping. 
Hope is important and if there is ever a cure found for my opther health
problems I will be shouting about it too :)
My hubby works for research for paper industry and some federal work and
believe me nothing is shouted out when something is discovered. It is
hidden til the right time..and in the case of the feds no one knows
anything and a special room is kept for that part and no one has a key
security is very very high. No one knows where the room even is!

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