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Re: [IP] I just bought my pump a bone and am now calling it Rover

At 07:29 AM 06/29/00 Yerachmiel Altman wrote:
 >>On Sat, 24 Jun 2000 email @ redacted wrote
 >Subject: [IP] just received Pumping Insulin today -
 >>the inclusion of "Dr. Stephen W. Ponder's anaology" on page 183: "Think 
 >>the pump like your family dog on a leash. Imagine bringing your dog on the
 >>leash along as you take a bath, eat out at restaurants, or when you play 
 >>championship soccer game. Imagine sleeping with your dog on a leash in your
 >>bed! Imagine taking the leashed dog to school, being around your 
friends, and
 >>taking him on a date with you. If you think you can do this for three days,
 >>you probably have an idea what it would be like to have an insulin pump
 >>connected to your body 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!"

 >Is anyone else alive who got this book and feels these comments
 >are out of place??

I have two real dogs at home... I can guarantee that my pump does not:
1. bark at cats, birds and strangers.
2. need to be let out to do its business outside.
3. shed hair on the carpet and furniture.
4. have to be groomed, bathed, scratched or petted.
5. play fetch or chase.
6. need huge quantities of dog food and water.
7. get into the garbage to sneak out a bone.
8. occasionally make a mess on the floor.
9. need flea powder or collars.
10. require periodic visits to the vet.
11. sleep most of the day.
12. give me big wet kisses.
13. beg for treats.
14. do tricks like shake-hands(paws?) and roll-over.

What my pump DOES do, is just quietly do it's thing and only needs to be 
fed every 3 days. I think of the pump more in the category of my 
wrist-watch. I have it on all day... I use it when I need it and I forget 
it all the rest of the time.


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