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Re: [IP] die thread die! (was: Cure for diabetes? HA!)

I am so happy for you! :) Sadly my insurance won't pay for some
transplants. I don't need a kidney or pancreas yet but I needed a bone
marrow and it was considered experimental so well..everything that could be
done for me has been but that and that will not take place because it will
be too much money for us.
I am so happy you are doing so good! And thanks for sharing your story
because it gives hope to those who are where you once were:) Keep on
keeping on!
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At 11:05 AM 06/29/2000 -0400, you wrote:
>Most of what you said is very true.
>There is a major shortage of all types of organ donations in this country.
>Many people die everyday while waiting for transplants.
>But what you were told about pancreas transplants is not as true anymore.
>Many centers are doing pancreas alone transplants. Its true most of these
>people are totally out of control through no fault of their own. Or have
>sever hypo-unawareness. But some are using the transplants to improve the
>quality of life.
>I had a living donor kidney transplant in '96. I then had a pancreas
>transplant in 98 and my diabetic control was probably the best I had had in
>10 years or more.
>Medicare will now pay for the pancreas transplant when it is done with the
>I consider my self non-diabetic now. I eat what I want when I want and how
>often I  want. Sometimes once a day.
>The drugs are hard on some people I am fortunate that I have very minor side
>effects from the drugs that are more annoying than a problem. The drugs like
>many other treatments have come along way in the past few years. It is a
>trade between one type of treatment with another. But knowing  treatment of
>both [ diabetes and transplant] I will take the quality of life of a
>"reformed" diabetic any  day.
>Transplants aren't  the choice for everyone but it is right for me and many
>Barry Bruce
>email @ redacted

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