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[IP] Maximum disconnect time AND Site changes

Hi Renee,
I'm going to combine both of your messages.  You didn't say if Corey bolused
for the missed basal at the waterpark.  If he did bolus for the missed
basal, it shouldn't have been the problem that it was, and may well have
been a site, or the adrenaline of the whole waterpark thing, or more junk
food carbs than you thought.  If he didn't bolus for the missed basal, then
that was probably the problem.  If it's really a problem, put the pump in a
sports pack, a zip-lock baggie with duct tape across the top, or somehow
make the pump waterproof, and let that kid have fun!  We also have a
waterproof waist pouch that I got from Overton's Marine Supplies (they have
both stores and catalogues), and you could put the pump in that, then make
sure he gets a snack every hour or two, hooks up to bolus for the snack and
the next hour or so of missed basal, put the pump back into the waterproof
pouch, and off he goes.  I assume at 8 there's an adult nearby anyway, who
could hold the pump/ pouch, and just meet up for the snacks.  I just think
that there's a way around every situation, and that we need for our diabetic
kids to be able to enjoy life as much as the other kids with as few
restrictions as possible.  And quitting a waterpark to do a "dry activity"
after an hour would be a big restriction.

As far as sugars rising on the the third day, that was exactly what was
happening to Jenna with her intolerance to Humalog.  Either you take the
hard line and change sites every other day, or  try mixing Velosulin with
your Humalog, about 1 part Velosulin to 4 parts Humalog.  Works well for
lots of folks.  Also, some folks have noticed that they get more days out of
a Silouette than a Sof-set.  If you're using sof-sets, it might be worth a

Nancy Morgan

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