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Re: [IP] Another sccarey hospital story

3 years ago on Memorial day my mom had a heart attack. after being admitted
she was finally put on 40/30 by the kidney doctor. In the 40 plus years of
having diabetes she never had the right treatment..she was told to lose
weight and watch her food and exercise. She was 30 pounds ovr weight- lost
it and still was diabetic and still out of control. After being placed on
one of the oral meds which didn;t help she was palced on a too high a dose
and got sick from that. Her A1C was always in th 10-11 and she was told
that was ok. anyway..during her hospital stay she never once got her BGS
taken when they were suppose to and once they were very high and I said she
needed some R. Well they had to get a doctor's order which took believe it
or not all day to get that. Then one day she went low and they had to get
an order to giver her something- I went to the coke machine and got her a
coke because she was going low fast. It took my dad, my sister and me to
help mom at this time. That was a week before the surgery. Right after her
surgery we had to be there 24 hours per day. Either her insulin was late or
it was on time but the she wasn't fed at all unless we were there. She
could not feed herself. After heart surgery one doesn't feel like eating
anyway but her brain didn't work right. You see she had a severe allergic
reaction to the versed given to block the memory. It left her in a coma
like state for a month and it took 5 months of physical rehab to teach her
what things were again but all of her memory was wiped out. She remembers
nothing about us kids or her wedding or anything that she always held
important. We try to tell her about these things and it still has not
brought back anything. Her best friend for 30 years- she cannot remember
her name even when she sees her. She thinks she graduated from a different
high school in a different city. well since she could not remember the
finger pricker from the syringe she couldn't do her own checking so we
finally did it and still she never got her insulin on time. It is amazing
she is alive..I am thankful for that. She has a wonderful sense of humor
but she lost so much and the anethesia doc never even came down to check on
her when she was in her coma nor did he come to talk to us. Yes we have her
records..but you can see where things were erased and changed.

Dad won't let her have anything done but she needs an angiogram because
the arteries to her kidneys are blocked so she will have that.
It takes a family to take care of a very sick person with diabetes in a
hospital and it should not be that way.

Let me tell you a funny...the hosptial was doing some stool samples for a
vet and they got my dad's and a dog's mixed up....Well needless to say we
knew dad didn't have those parasites. Tell me..how stupid is that.

If it weren;t for the hard working knowledable family team my mom wouldn't
have made it.
So if you have a family member having any sort of surgery be there for them
to make sure they get the proper medical care. It shouldn;t be this way but
it is because hospitlas are understaffed as this one was. And really when
one see's the nurses at night sitting around knitting and having thier
coffee instead of doing what was on the schedule on has to wonder. Next
time we go with a cam-corder ;)

Dad has Parkinson;s quite bad and has to help mom remember her meds even
though they are in the medicine case- she forgets..she often takes the
finger pricker and tries to stick it in her stomach thinking it is a
syringe. Everything is labeled but she still forgets what they are. dad has
alot on his plate. last night he called me and told me mom's BGS were 286.
I told him to give her R (her doc won't let her do this but we are doing it
anyway) from a sliding formula and it was down to 168 when I called back so
I not only have my diabetes to try to manage but I have to try to manage
mom's and they are 900 miles away. It is hard to take care of her but we
are doing what we can thanks to the phone, computer and internet.
Why won't a doctor let her have R insulin? what she is using now isn't
doing the job for her.
We figured out mom is coming down with something so off to the doc she will
go today. She had an awful cough last night. Never once was dad given a
class or lesson on this. They gave this to my mom! while recovering/half
awake after her surgery and she remembers nothing. Too me this is a
veryscarey situation to be out of it and not have the care. What is
happening to the medical care in this country? Am I to think we still have
the best in the world? (shrug)

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