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[IP] I just bought my pump a bone and am now calling it Rover

Before I start this letter I want to apologize for the size of it but I don't 
know how else to do this and not leave anyone interested in the dust (of 
course, if you are not interested in why I bought my pump a bone and am now 
calling it FIDO you can just skip this message)

On Sat, 24 Jun 2000 email @ redacted wrote
Subject: [IP] just received Pumping Insulin today -

>the inclusion of "Dr. Stephen W. Ponder's anaology" on page 183: "Think about
>the pump like your family dog on a leash. Imagine bringing your dog on the
>leash along as you take a bath, eat out at restaurants, or when you play your
>championship soccer game. Imagine sleeping with your dog on a leash in your
>bed! Imagine taking the leashed dog to school, being around your friends, and
>taking him on a date with you. If you think you can do this for three days,
>you probably have an idea what it would be like to have an insulin pump
>connected to your body 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!"

I responded:
>I don't know. I just showed my officemate this article and he said that most
>people would notice a dog and most people are totally unaware of the pump. I
>think the problem is this was written 25 years ago when the back pack pump 
>in vogue (anyone who has never seen the picture of the back-pack pump has no
>right to kvetch about the size of the modern pump).

>Seriously: if we survived 20 years ago without thinking of the pump as a 'dog
>on a leash' I think we could still survive today.

>I'm ready to name my pump fido and get him a bone.

Please please e-mail their reply to me (if it is on e-mail).  Tell me how to 
contact these guys.

I am going to tell them that this section convinced me NOT to buy this book 
(actually it did, I was considering it until I read the comment from 20 years 
ago and decided I could get enough out of date information and medical help 
without paying for it by asking people who also don't know anything about 
modern medical technology)

I really feel that this kind of 'message' is disgusting and more of us should 
protest loudly at it.  I find it hard to beleive that the people who screamed 
over how someone worded a harmless e-mail message didn't even open up and let 
the authors have it.

Here, here.  Is anyone else alive who got this book and feels these comments 
are out of place??

Yerachmiel (who is hiding under his desk in fear of what this message is going 
to do to his in-tray and the IP list)

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