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[IP] Doctor's visit

 Some of you already know that my dh has Type 1, and hasn't really been
taking care of his D.  Well, the last few weeks, he has been checking his
blood, adjusting his insulin (with my help), GO RYAN!  Anyways, so we had
our first doctor's visit yesterday, to a GP.

The doctor asked me to step out so he could ask Ryan some personal questions
(made me proud when Ryan said he wouldn't have anything to say to the doctor
that he couldn't say to me, but I stepped out, well stomped out, anyways.
When he came out, he was frustrated.  I think the doctor told him what was
what in the world of diabetes, and gave him a what-for about his smoking,
but anyways....

 The doctor prescribed him this new medicine, ACTOS (pioglitazone HCI 15 mg
 tablets.)  I have never heard of this.  He said it was supposed to help the
>glucose in the blood be absorbed into the muscles out of the bloodstream,
 and would lower Ryan's BS's and Insulin Requirements.  Ryan is 21 and on 32
 units a day, which doesn't seem so bad.  Has ANYONE heard of ACTOS?  I
 really need some information ASAP, because he is supposed to start taking

 I was pretty mad at the doctor, so I asked to speak to him privately. He
 VERY nice, I liked him much more after that.  He said that Ryan looked very
 tired, which was probably a result of bad BGL's, and that this medicine
 would help get it down, Blah Blah Blah.  Anyways I hope someone responds
 soon, and that you all arent mad because noone here is ont the pump yet.

By the way, on the subject of the pump, I brought it up for Ryan (who
doesn't want the pump yet anyways) and the doctor said "Well, you have to
meet all these specific requirements, and blah blah blah, and started to
disagree when I said you could have a more flexible eating schedule on the
pump, then he recanted, and said, well, I can't say that since I don't know
much about it.

What a day!  But don't get me wrong. He was very nice.

wife to Ryan, dx'd 1992
mom to Nathan, 2, dx'd 5/99
and Ashley, 8months.

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