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[IP] Selling Cannulas Separately Campaign

	TODD Wrote me and said: 
	>>>>From: Todd Beall <email @ redacted>
> I was thinking about storing up a bunch of sils tubing packages (where
> I've used the cannula part but don't need the tubing) and sending it to
> them, asking why the waste (and expense!). Hmmm....maybe if we all
> pooled our unneeded tubing, we could send them a BIG package they
> couldn't ignore!!
> What think ye?
> Todd (in a bit of a mischievous mood...)<<<<<<
	I wrote Todd back and said 
	I think about doing this a couple of times a week.  SO, I am going

	I am asking everyone's help.   (It is not a March for a Cure, but a
plea for fairness)
	All those who have saved up the miles of unused tubing and want
cannulas sold separately.......lets plan to mail them back to MM or Dis all
on the same day, with a simple letter saying STOP BEING GREEDY - SELL US THE

	OK, Yall, lets agree on a date in a couple of months and do it.   We
are talking about a minimal time investment and probably 2-3 bucks postage.
Just to save ourselves the cost of buying equipment we don't need.  
	Let me hear from you.  OK?
	Bonnie Richardson
	email @ redacted
	256-382-1188,  ext 1141

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