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[IP] Re: Getting ready for Day Camp

Sorry I haven't been writing but since getting back from Orlando I have been 
prepping for camp.

Laura started day camp this past Monday and I have been a nervous wreck 
since.  This is Laura's 3rd year attending this camp.  Last year, laura was 
on MDI and, believe it or not, it was easier to handle then having her at 
camp with her pump.  Last year my husband would go and test her for lunch 
and give her her shot (if she needed one; she was on 3 shots a day: 
Breakfast, Dinner and Bedtime, and lunch if necessary).  Now this is a whole 
other ballgame:  making sure none of the other kids touch her pump (everyone 
is very curious),  testing before each snack (2-3 a day) and at lunch and 
bolusing for them all, making sure she is disconnected and then reconnected 
at pooltime (twice a day).

Well the first day of camp my husband stayed all day to make sure the 
counselors got comfortable with Laura's D (we had met with them prior to 
camp but didn't get a high level of comfort).  Day 1 - he didn't feel 
comfortable.  He then decided to stay the week, if necessary.

Well Day 2 of camp, Laura is telling him to go to work, that she can handle 
her own diabetes, she doesn't need him or the counselors!!! She carried on 
terribly.  She claimed she would test herself before each snack and at lunch 
and call him or I from the camp office with an adult (Camp Director or 
counselor present)to determine her bolus.  She would have the someone check 
her number as she programmed her bolus.  If she felt low she would go the 
office and test (the office is where all her supplies are and her low box). 
She would disconnect and reconnect herself..no problem!! She had it all 
worked out!!!  How long had she been thinking of this!!???

My husband called me practically in tears.  He stayed close to camp all day. 
  She tested and called him and did everything she said she would without 
any help.  Her counselors and Camp Director were amazed at her maturity for 
a 6 year old. Day 3 the same thing.  P.S. her numbers have been wonderful, 
no highs and no lows (hurry, someone knock on wood).

We are so very proud of her.  I want to let her know just how grown-up she 
is being about all this, more grown-up then some adults.  I tell her but I 
wish there was something more we could do.  She is not a typical 6 year old, 
I always thought it but now she is proving it.  I'm still scared though and 
I am grateful me husband is only 10 minutes from camp.  The pump has been a 
godsend but in this instance the MDI doesn't look that bad, but no going 
back now.

Laura Lentini-Iaffaldano, New York
Mother of Laura, age 6, dxed 12/21/98
Pumping on MM508 since 1/11/00

>From: "Beth McMillen" <email @ redacted>
>To: <email @ redacted>
>Subject: Getting ready for Day Camp
>Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2000 22:45:52 -0400
>Thanks to everyone who has written with helpful hints.  I had a chance to
>meet with the camp counselor and camp co-ordinator yesterday.  They are
>sisters and told me that their Grandfather is also diabetic.  Both seemed
>eager and willing to learn about Rob's needs and to take on the added
>responsibility.  I came equipped with an instruction sheet and instructed
>them on how to administer Glucagon in an Emergency as though it was what 
>expected.  I had no problems, so far.  Rob has been to this day camp before
>and had this specific counselor on more than one occasion. Rob starts on
>Take care,
>Beth (Rob 6, dx 5/00, Toronto)
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