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Re: [IP] Re: Yet, another horrid hospital story

    Yet another reason to be EVER vigilant. No, this is not a blanket 
condemnation of the entire medical ocmmunity - but rather simply the 
proverbial "word to the wise" to NEVER EVER assume anything. Mistakes happen 
- and probably at a higher rate nowadays given the understaffed personnel, 
harried doctors who have "managed care" managing their formerly unchallenged 
decisions, etc etc. I could probably rival Stephen King's worst nightmares if 
I gathered all the horror stories I've heard & put them in print.... (and of 
course Sara SP's stories would figure in prominently!)
   The ONLY solution as I see it is empowering KNOWLEDGE & assertive 
self-advocacy. I've learned through experience NOT to assume that just 
because someone is wearing a lab coat that they necessarily know more than I 
do!!! A true professional should WELCOME the input from a well-informed, 
proactive patient, knwoing that a "team approach" enhances the likelihood of 
positive outcomes.

Regards, Renee ( pump mom)
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