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[IP] Re: Yet, another horrid hospital story

Hi pumpers,
I have a diabetes related horror story.  It was before I got the pump.  I was having a stress test to check how my unborn child would handle contractions.  I told the nurses that I am diabetic and do not want the potossin IV that contains any form of SUGAR.  I noticed that the IV drip was going awfully quickly.  I buzzed the nurse to tell her (nobody was supervising the procedure)  The IV was emptied within 15 minutes, I had many painful contractions, and I had to go peeeeeeeee.  The nurse finally came in and saw that I had some major contractions and commented, wow, you had some doozies.  After the test I felt very sick.  I went to the bathroom peed, and tested my blood sugar.  It read HI.  I told the nurse.  She checked my blood pressure and it was high also.  I looked at the IV bag and yes it read dextrose.  Agh!!!!!  I called my doctor.  She told me to take insulin and check soon.  The nurse told me to remain in the bed until my blood pressure was down.  I told her that yo!
u have done enough damage and I am out of here and left to manage the problem on my own.  Hospitals do not and cannot provide as good care as a person who has been living with this disease for 20-25 years.  I just hope when a life threatening problem occurs that they are competent enough to deal with it without causing more harm than good.
Tammy from Mpls
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