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RE: [IP] Coverage for pump education classes

You are very lucky:) Not everyone has the money to even pay the 10% or 20%-
My first pump we took a loan out for and bought it through an ad. My
insurance at that time didn't even know what it was and thought it was
disposable and worth under 500.00, I needed one very bad because I was very
sick from diabetes high BGs from pred. And it served me very well. I still
keep it as a back- up one. My doc wanted me to have a MiniMed because of
the dual wave. So that is why we changed. BTW- my endo knew we bought the
first pump and he helped me set it up on me at no cost to me.
Just think how blessed we are..when there are people who won't be able to
get a pump because they cannot afford it.
But I am happy for you! :)

At 04:49 PM 06/28/2000 -0700, you wrote:
>Will I cause an uproar if I say mine did?  They also covered 100% of the
>		Sam!
>On Wed, 28 Jun 2000, Ginny Kloth wrote:
>> What is wrong with 90% coverage? My insurance then BC/BS HMO covered 80%
>> for which I was thankful!
>> I don't know yet of any company that covers the pump 100%. My supplies got
>> covered 80% also at that time.
>> Just curious :)
>> I took a class which my insurance wouldn't cover at that time I had BC/BS
>> HMO. We no longer have the HMO- we have the BC/CS PPO choice.And finally I
>> can have a CDE! :)
>> and when I meet my out of pocket deductable of 300.00 my supplies are
>> covered 100%. Can't beat that.

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